Bimbo-Sexual Adjective A person who gets turned on by the idea of being a bimbo or becoming a silly, bubbly, brainless bimbo. Loves to giggle, be happy and also do sexual acts to themselves or others. Plays well with other, smarter people who can tell them what to do and to keep them dumb and happy.

This loop is all about learning about your bimbo-sexual tendencies. You will learn all about how to be a bimbo-sexual and how, even though you are stupid you can still find pleasure in the things you like regardless of how that manifests. For example you might prefer to play alone, or with a partner or several, the choice is all yours, and this loop aims to empower that sense of choice while making you horny, happy and dumb. ​ TARGET AUDIENCE All my bimbofication fans out there. This is for those who like to be stupid and horny. As the title states this is all about your sense of sexuality, so for those who find such things uncomfortable I would give this a miss. SUGGESTIONS The suggestions of this file are that when you are in a space where you are comfortable, or around people you feel comfortable and tell yourself "I am a bimbo-sexual" you will find yourself dropping back into that headspace of being dumb, horny, and bubbly. Your mind will be very simple and ready to play with yourself or others. This kind of file is a training file so to get the desired effects to work it might take multiple listenings and uses an overload technique which could be a lot for some people. The biggest thing for me was making this file open to all genders and sexual orientations so that it's accessible for more people. The sex acts you perform while in "bimbo-sexual" headspace is all up to you and your comfort zone and can end anytime you feel like it needs to end.

Bimbo-SexualThe Secret Subject
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