New Equipment?!


I'm upgrading my work and my equipment for the new weekly schedule. There's going to be weekly videos from September onwards plus I'm saving for Charmed 2020 and wanting to buy this badass mic to do more ASMR/Hypnosis in 3D!

Okay soooooo… I have decided to use some of the patreon funding to buy some new equipment. As you know I recently quit my job to focus on this full time and because of that I will be running a more consistant video schedule as aided by the new equipment I have bought. So, the first item is a ring light (a real one) to make sure I can film in bad lighting and on cloudy days. I also bought a new backdrop so we can play with various scenarios. The next step will be purchasing a better webcam for streaming because I want to stream more often and maybe even take things to twitch! My next ultimate equipment purchase/dream buy is one of these, 3Dio mics. So, if you would like to support my need to keep upgrading my systems then join up here and let’s keep going to the next level! Also, I wanna say a HUGE thank you to all those people who support me via patreon and purchasing files etc. Without you I would to be able to do all this. XOXO The Secret Subject P.S, Remember you can support the channel at

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