Things you probably wondered but weren't sure where to ask!

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state that can be induced which causes people to be more open to suggestion than when they are not hypnotized. While it is still highly debated what it really is, we can agree that it is characterized by three things, heightened suggestiblity, dissociation and increased focus. When someone is induced into this state they are said to be in a 'trance'. Check out this video I created for a more in depth description.

What does a hypnotized person look like?

When someone is hypnotized they might have the following characteristics:

  • Diluted pupils
  • Relaxed expression/lack of body tension
  • Fluttering eyes or changes in the blink reflex
  • Slow breathing
  • Lack of movement/slow and easy movement
There are also many more but these are the most common ways to tell if someone is hypnotized.

What does hypnosis feel like?

This is a difficult question that I get asked a lot. When someone is hypnotized there are actually a lot of feelings people might have. For some people thye might feel like they get so relaxed that their body is heavy, sinking into the space they are sat or lying in. Or some people feel light and weightless, a floating feeling when they are hypnotized. Some people might feel both or neither. There are also people who remember everything the hypnotist says, other people wake up with full amnesia of what happened. Basically, it is incredibly subjective and the best way to find your trance is to try it for yourself with an open mind and no expectations, see how YOU feel when it happens and go from there.

If I am hypnotized does that mean someone can make me do anything they want?

No. People tend to think that a hypnotized person has a lack of 'free will' but this is simply not the case. When someone is hypnotized they can still have choice. We all have something called the 'subconscious observer' a part of us that upholds our moral standing while we are under the influence of someone else. It's the part of us that says, that's not okay I don't want to do that, when someone tells us to do something we don't want to do. That's not to say we can't be manipulated by someone to do something we don't want, because that can happen with or without hypnotic intervention, however hypnosis itself will not make you do anything you don't want.

Why can't I be hypnotized?

Well, without further details that's not for me to say but here are a few factors that could be in the way of you experiencing trance:

  • Your expectations are too high, yes thinking that hypnosis will be one way can actually get in the way of you having a trance experience.
  • Too much stress, stress is the anithesis of trance. Try it again when you have time, space and less stress.
  • You haven't found the right induction. Not everyone goes for the same style of induction, just like how everyone is going to experience it differently. Try a different method and see what happens.
  • Lack of trust/rapport with the person hypnotizing you. Yes, rapport is actually a huge part of this. You need a certain level of that to be able to be hypnotized so try someone else.

What does The Secret Subject mean?

Okay well, back in the day (around 2015/16) I was looking for a new screenname in the hypnosis community online and at the time I was a submissive (subject) and it was a secret as I was in a job that meant kink was a side thing for me. Tada!

Can you hypnotize me?

Yes, but if you want a one-on-one session out of me you will either have to:

  1. Be a close friend of mine, but even that is rare these days.
  2. Pay for a session. (At this stage I am not doing these until the end of the world issues.)
  3. Come and hang out on a Friday discord session. Yes, each Friday I record a file live on discord so come and hang out and join in that way.

Please let me be your submissive!!

I am currently not taking on submissives full time. I have Alice and she is plenty for me. If you would like to be dominated by me, then the best way to experience that is through a file. I make domination videos on patreon and I have plenty of erotic hypnosis files all over the internet both free and otherwise. If that isn't doing it for you order a custom video/audio file.

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