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Mind Fucked (Hypnotic Head Fucking)

Mind Fucked The Secret Subject
00:00 / 17:18

Are you ready to get fucked, slut? You'd better be... This is a little bit of hypnosis mixed with a WHOLE lot of mind fucking, strap on fantasy. Basically, I take your face and fuck it so hard your brain slides out of your head and into a puddle on the floor. It is created to be an intense level of degradation and some serious sucking my strap on dick. Afterwards, when your brain is just. a little gooey puddle, I have you touch yourself and then suck on your fingers, to replace the empty feeling left by my cock. There is a little fractionation in the beginning and a lot of teasing you leading up to the image of me straddling you and sliding my dick into the hole on your face, before I fuck your brain out. There are no lasting triggers, this is an all in one experience. Keep in mind the level of intensity of this one is quite high. So before you listen please understand that by reading this and playing the track you are consenting to that. 

Gentle Femdom Submission Training

Gentle Femdom Submission Training and JOThe Secret Subject
00:00 / 33:09

This file is all about training you to be a good submissive, a perfect plaything for me. We are going to gentle whisper you into a place where your mind and body obeys effortlessly without question. There is a new trigger we are going to talk about. The word, "obedient" with a snap when said by a person you trust will instantly bring you back to this place of pure, simple obedient bliss. On top of that this is an erotic file with a whole arousal/pleasure version at the end. There is audience participation so make sure touching places and cumming on command is something you want to do. This is a tactic used to further enhance your submissive training. There is a lot of body manipulation and control and a little bit of movement involved. 

CULT (Hypnotic Goddess Worship Fantasy)

The Cult (Hypnosis Goddess Worship FantaThe Secret Subject
00:00 / 32:34

This file is an intense fantasy about a Goddess, you join a cult which allows you to brainwash yourself away completely when you realize the Goddess they worship is actually talking to you. It contains a lot of kneeling and also giving yourself over to the Goddess including stripping for her, kneeling with mantras and receiving her full power which will cause you to collapse to the floor. It is an intense, seductive brainwashing experience that will cause you to feel like you are part of a cult. There is HEAVY D/s, dehumanization, and brainwashing themes. Also, this has amnesia suggestions, so each time you listen your mind will wipe the memories of the session replacing it with a mantra. So, be prepared for a strong reaction to this one.

Slow Burn Control

Slow Burn ControlThe Secret Subject
00:00 / 25:03

This file is a slippery slope down into submission for me. You will be taken down into a place where trance and subspace combine in order to truly focus on what you need, control, my control. Once in a trance we bring you up to feel what's it like without it and how easily you seem to slip back down into it when told. Then, after being forced to kneel on the floor we have you breaking your own mind with my words, mantras that I choose accompanied with displays of control. Your body moving like it was mine, and finally fractionation with a post hypnotic suggestion to keep you subby for the next little while after the file is over and a task for you to do, but don't mess up otherwise you'll keep going and going until I get the perfect display of your submission.

Femme-Bot Fatale

Femme-Bot Fatale (Hypnosis for Cyborg TrThe Secret Subject
00:00 / 21:46

You've been living on this space station for a while and so has she, finally when the two of you meet your loneliness is over. However, she has other plans for you. You were chosen for this mission, is was no coincidence. This roleplay/hypnotic transformation file will see you in the depths of space on a mission to find a new home for the human race, unlucky for you you won't stay human for long. A Femme-Bot Fatale meets you, seduces you and takes your brain, replacing it with a robotic brain, ready and programmed to obey. This is for people who like the idea of being a robot/cyborg drone, with no control and being seduced by a Femme-Bot. In this file you will have your brain removed, and replaced by a robot brain. There is a lot of electrical/tingles imagery as well as giving you a positive reinforcement trigger of a pleasure button on your head whenever you are in robotic mode. You will be given a number and told to move around a bit. This is the initial training for a sequel coming up in the next few weeks or so.

Hands Free (Session One)

Hands Free Session One (Orgasm On CommanThe Secret Subject
00:00 / 21:11

Welcome to part one of my first ever proper training series! In this series you will train yourself to have a real, hand free orgasm with just a few words! To complete this series you will need to train with each file until you feel you have mastered the skill it teaches, once you have mastered the skill you can move on to the next file. This is file one, for this file you will be instructed to touch yourself and while you do we will start the pleasure conditioning process. The goal of this file is to have you orgasm on command, while touching. So, the aim will be to get closer and closer to being able to orgasm when you are told to each time. Now when you start training with the file you might not be able to do it straight away, that's okay. That's why it's so important to keep your training consistent and stay positive throughout the process. The file has the usual safeties of time, place and person so all the pleasure triggers are locked to spaces where you are safe to experience pleasure with people you trust and when you have time. Make sure that you are in a comfortable spot with plenty of lube (if you need it) and in lose clothes or naked. As long as you can touch what you need to easily that's enough. Have water handy for afterwards. This is a gender neutral series so all can listen and enjoy. The loop is available here:

Orgasm Surrender

Orgasm_SurrenderThe Secret Subject
00:00 / 10:04

Oh, you asked for some release and finally you're gonna get it...

But only when I tell you to. This file will tease you and bring you right to the brink, but you will not be allowed to cum until I tell you to. So, play with yourself and lets work on increasing that pleasure until you simply can't take it anymore. This is for people who have done the pleasure conditioning file and wanted a little bit extra. It has undertones of control so keep in mind if you don't like the idea of giving me control of when you cum then this isn't for you. This file has the suggestions from the Pleasure Conditioning file as well as putting a dial in your head to increase the feelings as you play with yourself. Also plays with the idea of control and giving me control of your orgasm. 

Have fun!

Bimbo Bubblegum Brainwashing

Bimbo Bubblegum BrainwashingThe Secret Subject
00:00 / 09:35

Welcome to the most intense bimbo file I've made in a while. This time, let's see how we can condition your brain to get silly, bubbly and stupid as you chew gum. DISCLAIMER: If you choose to chew gum during this file make sure you don't lie down, I don't want any choking. The best way to use this file is to listen to it either while doing other things or while pleasure conditioning, a bit like my other brainwashing files. 

Okay, so now we have that out the way, this file is INTENSE! Initially I created this as an experimental track that I would use a few of the new editing styles I tested during "Blank Toy Brainwashing", but I ended up liking the results of this so I will be excited to see how it goes! 

This is at least 11 layers of track, on track, on track, with various subliminals and binaurals made to overload your senses and really dig at your head. The tracks are dual audio, so listen with headphones for the full effect and sorry to those with hearing difficulties, you may miss some of the layers. 

The suggestions in this file are, to condition you so that when you are in a place and time that is secure for you to enjoy, you will chew gum and chewing gum reminds you of how silly, stupid and how much of a bimbo you are. Your brain will be bubbles, like the bubbles made by the gum and you can just be happy and content. This is for people who love bimbofication and as always it is gender neutral as long as you like the term, "bimbo". 

Let me know how this experiment goes and good luck!

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