Where to find specific hypnotic experiences by The Secret Subject!

YouTube, Audio, Underrated Masterpiece, Lots of Inductions Back to Back, Confusion, Fractionation, Countdown, Relaxation, NLP, Beginner, Educational

Patreon, Audio, Gendered for Males, Good Boy, Brainwashing, Obedience to Me, Obedience, Submit to Me, Looped Audio, Counting, Conditioning

Patreon, Audio, Dumb Slut Series, Dumbing Down, Slut, Pet Play, Looped Audio, Slave Brainwashing, Mantra, Counting

Patreon, Audio, Looped Audio, Good Girl, Female Indentifying, Mistress, Obedience to Me, Submit to Me, Sleep Brainwashing, Counting

Patreon, Audio, Mantra, IQ Play, JOI, Edging, Shepards Tone, Binaurals, Dumbing Down, Gendered for Males, Silly Boy Series, Brainwashing, Looped Audio, Layered Audio

Lost Little, Little Play, CGL, Mommy Domme, Femdom, Nailnosis, ASMR, Video, Patreon

Patreon, Video, Candle Fixation, Obedience to Me, Obedience, Fractionation Induction, Make-Up, Get Ready With Me, Kneeling, Begging

Patreon, ASMR, Audio, Flogging, Impact Play, Kinaesthetic, Kinky, BDSM, Submission, Obedience, Mantras

YouTube, Audio, H4N Pro, ASMR, Whispered, Relaxation, Visualization Induction

Patreon, Arousal, Video, Pocket Watch, ASMR, Femdom, D/s, Post Hypnotic Suggestion, Control, Pleasure Conditioning

YouTube, Nailnosis, Nail Fixation, Session, Video, SFW

YouTube, Audio, IQ Play, Video, Pocket Watch, Session, Beginners, Fractionation, Trigger

Patreon, Arousal Freeze, D/s, Pleasure Conditioning, Body Control, Submission, Arousal

Babble, Bimbofication, Bimbo, Looped Audio, Audio, Gender Neutral Bimbofication, HypNovember, YouTube

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