My First Professional One on One Session and Review!

I did my first ever professional hypnosis session this week and I was going to tell you how it went but-- I have a testimonial so you don't have to take my word for it.

Hi, Psy here. I'm a long time hypno-fan who recently found himself trying to find that warm and trancey feeling through audio files and youtube videos. That just wasn't cutting it. Then I booked a session with The Secret Subject. Her session was a mind warping and... trancing.... experience..... *snap* ..... Oh yeah! She was wonderful at her craft, not only listening intently but also providing feedback that helped to wipe away any fears that I had about what I might be doing wrong during my attempts at trance. Within a short time in our session she had already come up with a method to help and had me dropped into that warm... delicious... trancey.... *snap* .... Feeling in no time! It was a wonderful session. She was even able to create a custom file experience that helped to guide me down... to her... lovely... voice... *snap* Even when practicing alone! So when you want to get your brain stuffed with cotton and your body as relaxed as a rag doll just remember *snap* The Secret Subject is the best *happy sigh*

(Actual) Testimonial:

As a long time fan of hypnosis I only recently attempted to be a hypnotic subject and after research and attempts I had come to the conclusion that my analytical mind and overanalyzing tendencies were going to be permanent hurdles to trance. With very few local practitioners in my area to discuss it with and an internet full of hypnosis files that just weren't working, I was getting a little dejected about my ability to slip into trance.

So when I stumbled across The Secret Subject I found that using her unique audio and video releases gave me the best glimmers of what I hoped to achieve for my expected trance state. However after multiple file listens I had what I felt were small glimpses but still found that I just wasn't making that critical connection to trance. It just felt like my fears and mind were getting in the way.

So I took a leap of faith and booked a one on one session with her and I have to say that it was the best move I could have made. Her warm presence and breadth of knowledge makes you immediately comfortable and confident in her abilities and within just a short period she had helped wipe away a number of concerns and fears that I found were not only common, but also turned out to be just preconceived misconceptions.

She quickly came up with an induction script that put me into my first ever immediate trance and then after helped me to not only deepen the experience but also gathered feedback on how it felt so I could understand what happened and how to improve my trance ability even further. After the session was over she created a custom file that replicated the session's success that I have used to continue helping me and I couldn't be happier with the experience. It was probably one of the best sessions with a practitioner hands down, feeling more like a conversation with a friend and confidant than a hypnotist.

So, there you are, the proof is in the satisfied client review. If you'd like to have a session with me for a variety of purposes then check out my patreon or head over to my shop page!

XOXO The Secret Subject

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