New Year, New Changes Coming to Patreon!

Head over to to see what all the fuss is about!

This is an announcement to tell you all about a HUGE change coming this next month. 

To celebrate the recent successful year of The Secret Subject content I wanted to make some changes. So, as of January there will no longer be a $10 tier. That will be replaced by a BRAND NEW $5 tier, called "Whispered Submission". This tier will be all about the whispered subliminal tracks I put in my more expensive files. 

So, for $5 a month you can get just a taste of what's in the higher tiers, plus it will motivate me to make more of this ASMR type, soft spoken subliminal style voice tracks in the future. I will also post stories, written text trances and partial scripts (if I ever write any) for future files. It's going to be amazingly worthwhile for the price! 

Thank you all for the past three years of amazingness, bring on 2020! 

XOXO The Secret Subject

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