Emotional Fractionation (Abduction Fantasy)

Emotional Fractionation (Abduction Fantasy)


WARNING: This file contains emotional fear play which is edge play for some. There are scenes that some might find disturbing around being tortured and branded. Keep this in mind before going on this adventure with me. 

A fantasy within a fantasy within a fantasy, as we play with emotional fractionation and memory play. This one will have you on the edge of your kink! 

This file is all about emotional fractionation and memory play, messing with two very different fantasies of being abducted and taking you on a rollercoaster of emotional states. At the end, you are taken into a third fantasy only to have your memories wiped of the whole thing. 

This if for people who like emotional fractionation, being torn between a state of relaxed comfort and panic and fear. It is also for people who like the fantasy of being kidnapped and tortured and then having their memory of the experience wiped.

This file is a meant to emotionally put you in a place of comfort and happiness and a place of fear and panic as you are torn between two abduction fantasies. The idea behind it is to fractionate you with emotion until the end where you are taken to a third place and have your memory played with. One abduction scene is nice and gentle, the other is about being tortured, branded and chained to a wall with a rag stuffed into your mouth. The beginning starts with you being kidnapped, thrown into a van and taken to a place where you don't know where you are. 


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