I Am a Toy (Emptyheaded Toy Brainwashing Three)

I Am a Toy (Emptyheaded Toy Brainwashing Three)


I am so excited to debut this file for the masses at Moan-Day in Toymakers server on discord tomorrow! If you want to join in, check out the info here https://twitter.com/ToymakerHypno/status/1158965576741609474?s=19


In this file we brainwash you totally to be empty-headed, just a toy. A toy is someone who is fully controllable, who becomes whatever their controller wants them to be. This file will train you how to be a toy and to embrace the feelings that come with that space. 


There is a trigger installed, it's a call and response trigger. So, each time you are in a safe space to do so and someone you trust says, "You are a TOY" you will respond and go back into the empty-headed, toy mindset. You will do as you are told and be left repeating your mantra until it's ready for playtime with your controller. 


The file features theta binaural beats as well as several layers of audio to really get your head in the right brainwashed space. 

Let me know how this goes! 

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