On The Floor (Begging Mind Breaking Fractionation)

On The Floor (Begging Mind Breaking Fractionation)


This file will BLOW YOUR MIND! Literally. 


In this fast paced, domination fractionation, I get you on the floor and begging me to break you and then maybe, just maybe, I will by the end! It is a single track, 18 minute long domination file that will have you being a very active participant in the game we play, so make sure you have plenty of space and room to get vocal, oh and a clean, comfy place on the floor to pass out on! 

This is for those who love being dominated by me, love the idea of being submissive to me and also who would like a trigger to break their mind when the time allows. 

In this file we start by getting you to beg, then I fractionate you. When you are awake you can't help but beg and when you are asleep you are thinking of nothing but obedience. Then, I take control of your hand and use it to break your mind. This file installs a couple of triggers, the first is strengthening the "SLEEP" trigger, where when I say it it hit you like a ton of bricks, and the second trigger is the new mind break trigger. This is the one I give to all my closest friends, when someone else or yourself taps you on the forehead (with the usual safeties of time and place) then your mind will shatter. Think glass shattering, that's how your mind will feel. There is also an option to beg me in the comments.


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