Sex Doll: The Doll House Series

Sex Doll: The Doll House Series


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Welcome back to the Doll House, I hope you are ready for more training. This time you are going to be made into a SEX DOLL, a doll created for the pleasure of others, but don't worry, it's going to feel really good to you as well... 

The other versions of the file are:
Sex Doll With Theta Binaurals

Sex Doll With Delta Binaurals
Sex Doll With Fractionation Induction

SUMMARY This file is the first of a planned series of Doll Training files related to "Doll House: Remoulded", where we take you down various doll training paths. This one is the SEX DOLL path, where you can feel all the pleasure that comes with being a mindless, plastic plaything, used for the pleasure of others. 

TARGET AUDIENCE Anyone who likes the Doll House series as well as people who like the idea of being an empty, plastic sex doll. 

SUGGESTIONS This file uses the trigger from Doll House: Remoulded so make sure you listen to that first. Also, this file gives you a new version of the Doll trigger to make you into the Sex Doll. This has heavy themes of brainwashing and a little element of drugplay (gas not injections) that will take you back to being a plastic doll. Also this file is gender neutral but has aspects of you dressing in sexy clothes, this is kept vague so it's up to your mind to choose what that looks like for you. The idea is you being the sexiest doll you can be rather than expect a gender for you to be as a doll. This is heavily sex focused and themed.

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