The Challenge

The Challenge


This file is a doozy and not one that should be undertaken lightly unless you really, REALLY want to be fucked over mentally. It is very specific with the amount of IQ and smarts you will dribble out of your mouth and make you horny for it in the process.

The challenge, if you choose to accept, is all about touching yourself. If you can go this whole file (and an extra hour) without touching yourself then you win. Sounds simple enough right? Wrong. I'm going to make it really hard for you to not, see at the same time we are going to make you so fucking stupid you forget all about what you were trying to do in the first place. Get ready for the ultimate in dumbing down domination. 

This is for people who like;

  • IQ Play
  • Slight themes of degradation and humiliation
  • References to exhibitionism
  • Being horny and stupid
  • Imagining scenes with smart people where as they talk at you, you are lost in imaging sexual scenes with them (specific, I know...)
  • Femdom
  • The idea that someone smarter has to choose for you
  • Resistance play

The audio has no wakeup, but all suggestions are lifted and will dissipate after the file ends (and you cum) or after an hour of being dumb, happy and denied. 


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