The Final Adventure of Night Knight

The Final Adventure of Night Knight

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Four versions of this file for the price of ONE! 


This is an INTENSE fantasy custom I have been working on so thank you so much to the patron who requested it, I have loved working on the series. 

This new episode of Night Knight: The Citysville Sentinel would see the return of the Secret Seductress who’s set a trap for Night Knight by telling him she’s kidnapped his “friend”, reporter Lonna Lund, and in order to save her she forces him to agree to a challenge. She knows his mind is too weak to defeat her but also that his arrogance and pride are too strong to resist. She makes him run a gauntlet of goons and obstacles to reach the tied up and struggling Lonna. 

He defeats these minions with ease using his super powers but when he reaches Lonna and grabs her hand she changes into goo and he realises this is another trap.  

Her touch is impossibly sensual (and dissolves his uniform), and her scent inflames his arousal, but she makes him weaker and weaker with every inch of his body she covers. All the while the Secret Seductress laughs and taunts him about how he can’t escape her grasp, how silly he was to try to fight her again, and how the goo girl is not only arousing him beyond his endurance, but is also draining his mind, making him a dumb, horny goon for her.    This goo girl encasement is similar to the latex encasement you used in “Latex Slave” (which I loved), except the goo girl leaves Night Knight’s cock and nipples uncovered until after she’s encased his head and gagged him. 

Then she covers him completely and his whole body is aflame with arousal and pleasure. The goo girl takes control of his body and makes him stroke, pinch his nipples, groan into his gag, and hump the floor. He’s utterly helpless and maddeningly horny.   That’s when the Secret Seductress lets him in on a secret: he hasn’t been fighting her minions or a goo girl at all! She’s been manipulating his weak little mind with her hypnotic powers, just to prove that she owns him inside and out. 

His defeat was all in his mind but his reactions are truly physical as he bucks and thrashes, broken at the feet of his taunting, sexy, irresistible nemesis. In the end she leaves him with the suggestion to continue stroking and humping for the next few minutes. If he cums, the scenario ends and he’ll awaken and escape her lair. If he doesn’t cum at the end of that time, he’ll replay the scenario and be captured all over again, and the arousal will increase until his mind shatters. 

This file is INTENSE and has mention of cock and nipples so if you like those words in reference to pleasuring yourself then this file is for you. There are two versions, one version allows you to cum on command and wake up, telling me how much you worship the Secret Seductress and the other is a denial version, this version will make you repeat the entire scenario again and again until you are so desperate and you cum, breaking your mind into a million pieces. Then, you will wake up easily and effortlessly remembering all (or maybe not) of the fantasy. 

Good luck!

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